Clover Club FAQ

How do I Sign Up for the Clover Club ?
(1) Purchase the Clover Club card at The Cloverleaf Tavern for only $5.00.
(2) Enroll by clicking here and click on the Enroll link towards the bottom of the page.
(3) Fill out the on-line form. Be sure that all 20 digits on the card are filled in completely.
(4) Submit form.

How do I check my Points and/or Certificate Balance? What is my password?
There are two ways to check your Points and/or Certificate Balance:
(1) Ask any employee at the Cloverleaf Tavern that you would like to check either your point balance and/or certificate balance.
(2) Check your balance on-line. To check your points and/or certificate balance on-line, click on the link on our Clover Club web page. It will then ask you for your user name and password. Your username is your 20-digit card number and your password is the 4-digit month and day of your birthday (i.e., if your birthday is May 2nd, your password is 0502). You must have 20 digits for the username and 4 digits for the password. Once you log on, you will be able to view both your point balance and certificate balance.

When do I get my 75 point enrollment bonus?
After you register your card on-line, your enrollment bonus will be added within 24 hours. Your must register on-line to get your 75 points.

What is the difference between POINT BALANCE and CERTIFICATE BALANCE ?
Your POINT BALANCE are the points you’ve accumulated by dining and through bonus’. Once your point balance reaches 150 points, your points then are automatically converted into a $10.00 Certificate. This $10.00 is your CERTIFICATE BALANCE.
What happened to all my points? When do I get credit for all my points?
Occasionally, you may notice that your points have exceeded 150, only to find out on your next visit that you have less points. This is normal. At the end of each night, all points over 150 are converted into certificates. For example, if you were to use your card and your current point total was 185, that evening 150 of the 185 points will convert to a $10.00 certificate, leaving you a new point balance of 35 points.

When can I redeem my points or certificate?
Once your points have converted into dollars on your card, you may use it right away. Next time you’re dining with us, simply tell your server that you would like to redeem your certificate.

What if I lost my card?
Time to panic!!! No, just kidding. If you lost your card and you have not registered it on-line then unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. However, if the card is registered we can issue you a new card. Simply call ahead and let us know you lost your card. We can then transfer your information to a new card.

Is there a maximum amount of points that can be accumulated in one visit?
Yes. There is a maximum of 450 points per visit.

What is the maximum amount of money that can be redeemed in one visit?